So, You Want To Be A Firefighter...

We Are Always Accepting Applications

Our organization is Whiteland's only fire department.  We are proudly serving the citizens of Whiteland and the surrounding communities.


     We are a committed 100% unpaid volunteer department that is staffed with local residents to Johnson County. Our volunteers dedicate their time to the success and well being of every resident of the community.

We specialize in numerous types of incidents including providing Ambulance coverage up to basic emergency medical technician level. This allows us to provide a basic level of pre-hospital medical treatment to the community in their time of need.


WVFD has specialized trainings every week to better serve the community and we specialize our trainings to the season. During the winter months we focus on cold weather emergencies such as; Cold Water Rescue, Environmental Emergencies, etc... preparing our members for what is to come... and as the season wears on towards spring we will begin brushing our knowledge up on weather alerting and storm spotting.