We Need You

How you can help your Community Fire Department


  Whiteland Volunteer Fire Department is completely volunteer. Some departments are paid stand by and others have a payment system for their employees. That is where we are different. Every second of our lives is dedicated to standing by to give our all for the citizens of Whiteland and the surrounding communities.

   To the life of a volunteer, we sacrifice so much of our own lives to protect, serve, and respond to the lives of total strangers in their time of need. This is not something we have to do.. this is what we choose to do... blessed with families that have patience, love, and understanding for the choices we have made to serve the community as volunteers.

   In today's world there are so many great charities or organizations that need your help... and this is one reason we have always remained low key and very hesitant to join those ranks of organizations asking for your hard earned money.  Because we are rescuers and people who want to help others... we try not to take away from others...but now as I sit here and write this request for support I think about the cause of our request.

   We need donations to provide the quality of service this community deserves. These donations do not have to be thousands of dollars... every single penny adds up and is greatly appreciated. The donations are not for payroll either... the donations are put back into the department to fund new equipment, education, apparatus, and gear for us to better serve you.

   It is critical for the community to understand the operations of their local fire department and show their support if possible. Whiteland Volunteer Fire Department is a strong fire department with very dedicated professionals from all walks of life that have chose to volunteer in this community. When you call 911 we drop what we are doing regardless if it is a holiday, birthday, sleeping or even in the shower. We do this to address your needs and the needs of your neighbors. Not everyone can volunteer to be a firefighter or ems worker in this community for various reasons, but there are others ways to be a valuable asset to the community and be a part of the rescue... and that is with a donation of whatever you can afford to the Whiteland Volunteer Fire Department.


  When storm seasons hit in the spring of 2010 and all of the bad storms rolled through the community... while many people were seeking shelter in basements or taking cover in closets, the Whiteland Volunteer Fire Department volunteers were responding to station to go out in the apparatus and watch the skies above and around the city to watch for severe weather or rotation in the skies to protect you and your family in case things became worse...

   A smoke or carbon monoxide alarm sounds and you call 911... Whiteland Volunteer Firefighters come to your aid and search your home and bring equipment in that finds the source of the fire or reason for the alarm. Then aids you in the resolution to the problem and comforts your family to assure them of their safety.

   A child goes missing in the community and training funded by donations from you is how we have been trained to do quick searches and have the know how to aid in the search for your child. Ending with smiles and tears from the missing child upon their discovery.

 This is not even scratching the surface of what your donations fund. It is you the citizens and wonderful people from all over that make donations that truly are the heroes. Without your donations the safety of our firefighters, the intense training, and the appropriate equipment needed for saving others would not be possible...  So I would like to take this opportunity in advance to personally thank you for offering any amount of donation you can to ensure the response of the Whiteland Volunteer Fire Department.

 Once again regardless of the amount, every penny will go towards updating and continually training and providing the best equipment possible to serve you and everyone in the community as the Whiteland Volunteer Fire Department... Your Fire Department!

All donations can be mailed to:

 Whiteland Volunteer Fire Department
 c/o Board President
 141 South State Street
 Whiteland, Indiana 46184

 Make Checks Payable to:
 Whiteland Volunteer Fire Department

 Please include return address for receipt of donation for tax deduction purposes.

 Once again THANK YOU for your support.